Why Do My Carpets Smell Worse in the Summertime?

Why Do My Carpets Smell Worse in the Summertime?

Summer brings warm weather, fun times and the opportunity to get out and enjoy all the beautiful weather. Sadly, it can also bring out the nasty odors from your carpets and upholstery. You may wonder why the warmer weather brings those old odors back to the surface, so we’re going to tell you why and how you can prevent it from happening again.

Sense of smell

As they say, the nose knows! Our sense of smell is the only sense that has a direct connection to the brain, so those bad odors will affect us more intensely than you might think. Odors do intensify in the warmer summer months and the bad smells will always trump the wonderful smells like fresh cut grass or the flowers blooming in your garden. Depending on the heat and the humidity, some days may be worse than others, causing those old smells to waft into the air again.


There are several reasons your carpets or upholstery may smell. The source may be something you aren’t even aware of. Perhaps a spill that was not properly cleaned up over the winter or perhaps the last rain was so intense your basement was flooded. It is important to identify the source, so the correct solution is applied to eliminate the smells.

Microbial activity

Microbial activity means that microorganisms, or germs, are becoming active. This means that the bacteria that causes odors increases, as well. As the heat and humidity increase, microorganisms are more active. They stir up those unpleasant odors causing them to be as “fresh” as the day they were made. That smell that makes you want to open the windows and air out the house. The stale smoke smell from the people who used to live in your house or the ripe smell of pet urine, all a result of residual organic material that was never removed completely.

Kill it at the core

Have you ever pulled up an old carpet and looked at the backside?  Chances are you would be disgusted and perhaps surprised at what you saw there. You could most likely trace every stain from the day that carpet was installed. Unfortunately, most traditional carpet cleaning products only clean the surface or the top of the carpet. Thus, leaving the residual stain and smells below. Address the stains and smells all the way down to their base, below the surface, on the carpet backs.

If you have old stains and odors you can’t seem to rid, it’s time to call in a professional. One who can properly treat the stain or odor and prevent it from coming back. At OMA Professional Cleaning Technicians, we specialize in making your home more comfortable for you and your guests with our professional odor removal. We will get to the source and treat it at its core. We would welcome the opportunity to assess your carpets and give you our expert opinion on how to fix it. Request an appointment today!

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