5 Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

5 Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Several myths are floating around about commercial carpet cleaning. A lot of property managers and business owners never challenge these popular beliefs, and the myths continue to perpetuate as a result. These myths are causing a big loss for those businesses who could greatly benefit from a great professional carpet cleaning. In an attempt to set the record straight, here are some of the most common myths surrounding carpet cleaning in a commercial space and why they are wrong.

1. A rented machine is just as good as a professional cleaner

Many people don’t understand the necessity of professional cleaning, because they assume that renting a machine is just as effective. Many business owners see carpet cleaning as a job that anyone can do. In reality, there are many things to take into consideration when cleaning carpets. For example, the chemicals used can cause color loss and wear out the fibers sooner than normal. Additionally, the necessary equipment for a professional-level cleaning is not what is available for lease. Even if a property manager did have access to this equipment, it takes skill and knowledge to clean the carpet properly.

2. Installing a new carpet is cheaper than hiring a carpet cleaner

When a carpet is older and beginning to wear out, business owners are tempted to replace it with a much cheaper carpet. When compared with the price of professional cleaning, this option may seem like the more economical decision for many business owners. However, investing in a cheaper carpet will end up costing more money in the long-run. Cheaper carpets will have to be replaced or repaired sooner and more often than more reliable carpets. Spending that money on a carpet cleaning instead can help to prolong the life of the carpet already installed. It is a small investment, but it will save money later down the road.

3. Steam cleaning can cause mold growth

Steam cleaning is one of the most powerful ways to clean carpets down to their foundations. However, many people rightfully fear that mold can start growing as a result of the moisture. If the carpet is left sitting for days with standing water, mold and bacteria can start growing in the moisture. However, professional carpet cleaners should never allow this to happen. Reputable cleaning companies will ensure the process is completed properly to avoid the possibility of any mold growth.

4. The lowest price is always the best price

It’s true that a higher price doesn’t guarantee a higher quality of clean. However, there is a direct connection to unsatisfied property managers and rock bottom price points. Be sure you are getting the best value for the cost and not just a low bid quote from a company that is desperate for your business.

5. Wait until the carpet is dirty to call

Many property managers wait until the carpet looks dirty to request service. By the time a carpet shows dirt, an excessive amount of dirt has built up and starts to collect several types of bacteria. The bacteria can end up creating an unhealthy environment as people breathe the air that is stirred up by the passing foot traffic. Additionally, the bacteria will eat away at the carpet and causes further damage.

These myths about commercial carpet cleaning keep many business owners from scheduling these services as needed. As more and more people realize the health benefits and cost-effectiveness of cleaning the carpets in a commercial space, perhaps these myths will begin to fade away. After all, nobody can complain about having a cleaner carpet, a healthier environment and a more comfortable place to work.

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