Extend the Life of Your Upholstered Furniture

Extend the Life of Your Upholstered Furniture

You searched for weeks for the furniture in just the right color and fabric you wanted and have finally found it. It makes the living room look great and you almost don’t want to sit on it. Echoing in your mind is your mother’s voice warning against letting the baby sit on it with her fruit punch. You know you should exercise caution and take care of it but what should you do to extend the life of your upholstered furniture? Here is how to keep your beautiful new furniture looking good for many comfortable years.

Keep it clean

We know dust gets on wood and other surfaces and are quick to swipe it with a dust cloth. What most people aren’t aware of is that dust gets into the fabric, too. The grit then rubs against the fibers of the fabric and breaks it down. It can be prevented with a good vacuuming once per week, thus extending the life of your upholstered furnishings.

Accidents will happen and when they do, grab a towel and blot the stain. Be careful not to rub it, or it will set the stain further into the fabric. Spray plain cold water on the spot and blot some more, if the stain doesn’t come up the first time. Once the stain is removed, vacuum it once it’s dry.

Keep it fluffed and flipped

Of course, you’re going to sit on your beautiful new furniture, and after some time, it will look a bit deflated. You can revive the cushions by poking them and fluffing them as you do with your bed pillows. Do this often and they’ll look brand new!

Dirty shoes are going to be placed on your new furniture when you aren’t looking. The baby will eat her crackers and drink (or spill) her juice even when you are looking. Flipping your cushions on a regular basis will not only help them to stay firmer but will prevent one side from getting worn down more than the other.

Keep it protected

New furniture often comes with upholstery guard, although, sometimes at an extra expense. However, this is definitely an expense that pays for itself especially since you paid high dollar to get the living room set of your dreams. Don’t take the chance that a silly accident, like a spilled cup of coffee, could ruin your investment. Just like having a stain shield on your carpet, you will need to reapply upholstery guard over time. Remember, this will help keep your upholstered furniture looking new and beautiful.

Keep it out of the sun

The sun warms us and brightens our days. Its heat, however, is damaging and can break down the fibers of our furnishings. Place your new furniture out of the way of direct sunlight. This will prevent fading and the destruction of the fibers in your upholstery.

These are just a few of the ways you can prolong the life of your upholstered furniture. We understand that you have a busy life and might not have time to properly care for your new furniture. Calling in a professional saves time and, in the long run, money. OMA Professional Cleaning Technicians would be happy to help you enjoy your lovely new furniture for many years to come.

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